About Us

Welcome to Rotary eClub of District 3450 – the first cyber Rotary club in District 3450. We are one of the 27 cyber Rotary clubs of Rotary International chartered under the Cyber Clubs Pilot Project.

The 2001 Council on Legislation adopted resolution 01-226 to permit a pilot project to recognize Cyber Clubs which would have innovative and flexible constitutional provisions on membership, attendance, meeting place, admission and territory. Decision 348 in June 2001 of the RI Board agreed to support the pilot project in establishing cyber Rotary clubs.

The purpose of Rotary eClub of District 3450 (“The eClub”) is to extend Rotary to business, professional and community leaders Worldwide who are unable to meet traditional attendance requirements because of physical immobility, or extensive travel, or conflicting occupational demands, or residence beyond reasonable distance from an existing District 3450 Rotary club. We strive to uphold the Object of Rotary and The 4-Way Test at all time.

Our vision is to retrieve former Rotarians of District 3450 who left Rotary for various reasons that they were unable to meet traditional attendance requirements of their former clubs; rotaractors who have achieved their objectives in Rotaract or have reached the age of 30 and wish to develop further in Rotary but are restricted by their business/career commitments; Rotary alumni such as former Group Study Exchange (GSE) participants, RYLA participants etc. We certainly welcome business, professional and community leaders who are referred to us by existing Rotarians to be a member of our eClub. If you are interested in becoming a member of our eClub, please click at the Membership Requirements.

We conduct regular meetings and activities online. Occasionally, we hold physical meeting as and when necessary and as our members desire. All meeting schedules and locations will be announced on our website.

The E-Club opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 356 days a year for Rotarians of other club to do a make up. Rotarians can do a cyber make-up by following a few steps at the Make-Up, read the articles selected from the list of make-up articles and complete the make-up request form. A Make-Up confirmation will be provided after completion of the steps.

As with all traditional Rotary clubs, we participate in all Four Avenues of Services. Rotarians and friends are most welcome to participate in our Services Projects and Activities.

We treasure comments from all visitors. Please make use of our comment section in each post to let us know your comments and ideas, or you may contact us via email or our Contact Us.

Also, you may be insterested on messages from our presidents.